Loan Growth

Struggling to grow your portfolio? Loans falling off?


Credit union economists agree, covering the cost of compliance and technology is difficult for credit unions with less than 80% loan-to-share ratios. Many CEOs come to us feeling like they've tried everything and, "there just aren't any good loans out there." We help you find them.

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5 Tips to Loan Growth PDF for more information

CU Strategic Planning Services:
  • Determine which aspects of marketing, product design, policies, and operations are impeding or blocking loan growth.

  • Evaluate existing loan programs.

  • Identify where members are getting their loans.

  • Identify product penetration opportunities.

  • Analysis of competitor's pricing and products to identify niche gaps for products, marketing, and outreach.

  • Enhance existing products.

  • Policy guidance to mitigate risk and increase approvals.

  • Evaluate internal processes to determine where loans are lost.

  • Implement recapture programs.

  • Staff training.


Learn about using partnership development to drive pipelines of loans.

Credit Union Growth Consulting

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