$12 Billion Approved for CDFIs

Credit Unions Must Act Now

Do you want to be eligible for this funding?

Only CDFI certified credit unions have unlimited access to the grants.

Now is the time to get your CDFI certification. CU Strategic Planning is here to help.

  • 99% of our credit union clients get certified even when they've been denied in the past.

  • Best chance of winning the most grant dollars.

  • Our credit unions have won $135 million in grant funding.

  • Currently administering half a billion in Cares Act funding.

Why now?

What's next?

It is important to start your CDFI certification today to be eligible for the grants. We've certified more than 200 credit unions and have a proven process that makes it as easy on your team as possible. We can't wait to change lives in your community with CDFI grant funds. Let's start the conversation now.

Our mission: unlocking credit unions' potential to change lives.