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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Are you ready to increase innovation, staff retention, job satisfaction & profitability?

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  • DEI creates organizations 35% more likely to have above-average earnings. 

  • DEI influences 2/3rds of job seekers employment decisions.

  • DEI retains employees, reduces turnover and increases job satisfaction.

Are you ready for a more profitable, inclusive credit union where people love to work? We can help.

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The Five Pillars of DEI

Our approach to DEI focuses work in five key areas as a means to achieve meaningful, lasting change that builds a stronger credit union.

  • Board Governance

  • Culture

  • Community Development

  • Management

  • Brand

Our DEI Work With Credit Unions

Our first step is always an assesment. By learning where you are we develop an investment roadmap to ensure your budget achieves the greatest impact. A  DEI investment with CU Strategic Planning will produce measurable results. Let's get started today.