CU Strategic Planning Helps Credit Unions
Serve Vulnerable Members

We are here to help credit unions navigate this unprecedented time. Members need credit unions more than ever before. Yet there is risk. We have over a decade of award-winning experience designing and implementing products, procedures, partnerships and business plans with risk mitigating features. Many of our clients serve communities in extreme poverty. Despite this risk, our credit unions' ROA exceed 1%—even without grants.

Our Mission: unlocking credit unions' potential to change lives.




We are the #1 CDFI grant writing firm for credit unions with $120 million in grant wins. We are currently writing CDFI grants. There is the potential of 2nd CDFI grant round in 2020. We are immediately certifying credit unions. Only those certified will be eligible to apply. Immediate product and policy guidance is also available to mitigate the risk of lending during the COVID crisis.


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