Credit Union Consultants


We “get” credit unions.

With over 170 years of cumulative credit union experience and plenty of hard-won expertise on the ins and outs of credit union operations, our team delivers more measured results than your average consultant. We take pride in our track record of increasing credit union ROA, services to hard working Americans and impacts in the communities we serve.

Community Development – CU Strategic Planning discovered that 75% of all credit unions qualify for the US Treasury CDFI designation, but it's not something to jump into unprepared. Our Filene White Paper shows that adopting a Community Development Business Model drives ROA, while accepting the designation without strategic preparation is correlated with slightly negative financial trends. Find out how our credit unions' ROA is 4 times higher than the industry average. We can help you with the transition.

ROA Improvement – CU Strategic Planning helps credit unions turn around negative earnings, and we do it with a focus on credit union philosophy. A CEO's job is not easy. We've got your back.

Merger Strategy – Deciding to merge is a hard choice. Our merger strategies make it a lot easier. We provide partner vetting, financial forecasts, due diligence and support term negotiations.


Governance – CU Strategic Planning works with its clients to establish governance roles and responsibilities, communicate best practices, re-design committee structures, enhance board packages and monthly financials and improve communications.


Charter Conversions – CU Strategic Planning provides consulting to clients concerning charter conversions such as a conversion from a state charter to a federal charter or the expansion of a credit union’s field of membership.

Community Resource Center (CRC) Development – CU Strategic Planning provides strategic and operational consulting to clients pertaining to the establishment of community resource centers—often 501(c)(3) organizations that provide development services such as budget counseling to the greater community.