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With a Winning Track Record:

  • $135 million to credit unions 

  • 97 credit unions 

  • 35 states

  • 150 award-winning applications 

  • Win a majority of CU award dollars annually

  • Our grants avg. $52,230 more than other CU CDFI FA awards( Avg. 2020 FA)

CDFI Certification and Grant Writing Help

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Watch and Learn from the #1 Credit Union CDFI Grant Writers 


Our expert writers have won over $120,000,000 for 137 credit union applicants in 34 states. This Webinar explains how.

Insider Secrets to Win a $1,000,000 CDFI Grant

This white paper shares the secrets of the #1 CDFI grant writing team in the industry. Discover the secrets to our success and more…

Does your credit union qualify as a CDFI? 

To be eligible for a $1 million  CDFI Fund FA award, your credit union must first become a CDFI!  This white paper breaks down just how your credit union can qualify. 

​What makes our CDFI grant writing so effective?​

  • CDFI applications are business plans. That’s why our team of CFOs, CEOs, product designers, compliance, policy, and operations experts collaborate on every application.

  • Our work can be used beyond the grants:

    • Impact calculations for your annual report

    • Secret shopping for marketing and product design

    • Product and policy enhancement recommendations

    • Business development with new partners

With CU Strategic Planning taking care of all the details, you are free to do what you do best—run your credit union.

Full Service:

We run the only full-service credit union CDFI firm. Our comprehensive approach includes certification, grant writing, and compliance.

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