Our Work in Action

Case Studies 

CU Strategic Planning's results for credit unions typically involves ROA improvement and loan growth, and that's even without grant funding. Imagine the results for the 73 credit unions that we've won grants for in 30 states. Here's a look at a few.

Greenville, SC

Assets: $101 Million

ROA: 1.14

Loan Growth: 14.78

Carolina Foothills Federal Credit Union

Loan growth and ROA improvement are what Carolina Foothills experienced immediately when it engaged CU Strategic Planning. It was transformative. At year-end 2012 ROA was .25% and loan growth 1.7%. By 2013 loan growth doubled, and it doubled again in 2014. Today loan growth is 14.18% and ROA is an incredible 1.14%!


CU Strategic Planning helped Carolina Foothills implement a community development business plan, enhance their products, policies and establish partnerships to drive loans. As a result, the credit union increased its double bottom line even before receiving a CDFI Award of $1.3 million. 

Tampa, FL

Assets: $7 Billion+

ROA: .81

Loan Growth: 15.14

Suncoast Credit Union

CU Strategic Planning is proud to have led the movement of mainstream credit unions into the field of community development. Suncoast CU, the League of Southeastern Credit Unions and CU Strategic Planning launched Community Development Across Florida. As part of the project, CU Strategic Planning developed statewide partnerships with the United Way's ALICE, Habitat of Humanity Florida, and the Florida Prosperity Project.


Suncoast won a CDFI Award of $1.4 million to launch “Financial Inclusion Mortgages” to make home ownership accessible to over 300 marginalized, very low income families. CU Strategic Planning wrote the award application, developed the program, partners and product enhancements. 

Kameula, HI

Assets: $40 Million

ROA: 2.04

Loan Growth: 21.83

Hawaii First Federal Credit Union

​One of CU Strategic Planning's first clients, Hawaii First has garnered more than $4.6 million in CDFI Award Funds. It's history with CU Strategic Planning started in 2009, since then it has won five CDFI Awards in three rounds: the FA Core Round, NACA and CDCI. Its Community Resource Center (CRC) is a national best practice, replicated in more than 10 states. Its partnership with the Department of Hawaiian Homelands is a stand-out in the field of serving native communities.

Trailhead Credit Union

CU Strategic Planning's most recent round of winning grants helped Trailhead FCU win $1.2 million to launch its Joint Opportunities for Business and Job Creation (JOB) initiative. JOB is CU Strategic Planning's national CDFI best practice showcased by the Filene Research Institute.

Portland, OR

Assets: $110 Million

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