Credit Union Strategic Planning, the credit union movement’s largest organization for helping credit unions obtain Community Development Financial Institutions Fund grants, facilitated 65 successful CDFI RRP grant applications for credit unions, totaling $115.2 million. 

The awards announced June 15 for CU Strategic Planning clients nearly match the entirety of the company’s previous 12 years of achievement in helping credit unions serve low- to moderate-income families. The firm has now directly won nearly $250 million in grants for credit unions from the Treasury Department’s CDFI Fund!

Vice President Kamala Harris made a historic statement on the importance of community development financial institutions announcing today’s release of funds to community development financial institutions through the CDFI Fund’s Rapid Response Program. Harris’s role in the announcement indicates the increased importance of CDFI in the administrations community development and assistance for working families.

CU Strategic Planning Wins $115 Million

for CDFI Credit Unions

Fully 10% of $1.25 Billion from Rapid Response Program & 29% of CU Awards

Our mission: unlocking credit unions' potential to change lives.