Planning & Strategy For Credit Unions

CU Strategic Planning Can Help You Too

Our credit union business planning process respects your time. Even before our first call to discuss your project, we review your financials. We are prepared to discuss the trends and strategy behind your request for credit union consulting.

Our integrity is unparalleled. Our relationships and reputation are worth more than a sale. That's why state credit union leagues choose us as their partner. If you can't win a CDFI grant, we will tell you so.

Our results are superior. It's not uncommon for clients to experience 12-25% loan growth. Most of our credit union's ROA exceed 1%.

We're fun to work with. Of course, increasing the double bottom line of community impact and profitability is serious business. That doesn't mean we can't have fun in the process. You'll find the passion of our staff to be inspiring and infectious.


  •  Honesty & integrity, in all we do.

  • People helping people. 

  • Using our powers for good.

  • Financial inclusion.

  • Diversity and equity.

  • The Credit Union International Operating Principles.

  • Helping credit unions achieve a double bottom line driven by community development. 



Yes, we facilitate credit union strategic planning meetings. We're also the #1 CDFI grant writing firm for credit unions. What you may not know is that those grants are actually credit union business plans. Our expertise with the credit union business model is why we win. Learn about our ROA improvement and loan growth work, field of membership expansion, and much more.



Our clients' ROA is four times greater than the industry average: 103 basis points higher! What's more inspiring? ROA increased by 85 basis points from the first year they came to work with us. Beyond the numbers, our credit unions expanded service to millions of working-class people and made significant impacts in their communities.





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