$12,000,000,000 Approved for CDFIs

Credit Unions Must Act Now

Ten months of advocacy by the entire CDFI industry and CU Strategic Planning on behalf of our credit unions has resulted in $12 billion for CDFIs and MDIs in the COVID relief bill. The emergency funding will have fast deadlines.



  • $9 billion to establish an Emergency Capital Investment Program within 30 days (secondary capital for credit unions)

  • $3 billion in immediate emergency support to provide grants and other financial and technical assistance 

Take Action

  • Tell us you want to participate now and we will hold your spot on our grant-writing roster. CU Strategic Planning will sell out within days. Do not wait. Immediate responders make the class list. 

  • No contracts today. We are waiting for the application to ensure the price is fair.  

  • Eligibility: 800 MDI and CDFI credit unions. High demand and capacity are a reason to reach out to us immediately.

CU Strategic Planning’s Capacity: Due to the immediacy of the programs creating fast deadlines, we will only able to serve a small number of credit unions.


Experience: CU Strategic Planning is the only team that has written for every credit union-eligible CDFI Fund program, including the last round of emergency secondary capital.

Our mission: unlocking credit unions' potential to change lives.



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